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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I opened the store this morning and trained Bob on register - he's too funny. Everytime I look at him, I just want to rip off that baseball cap he wears just to see how much hair is hiding underneath it. We keep referring to everything as 'shabby sheek' (even if it wasn't) or however you spell it. Last week, he said Marie, him, and I should go out one day. I know they're both way older (he in his middle thirties and she her fifties), but I guess that doesn't bother me. They're the most interesting people I know. I adore them.

Good News. Nicole says she can get all of us dirt cheap tickets to Europe. I guess it's some promotion for people under the age of 24. It would be 4 days in London and 3 in Paris. What an amazing opportunity.


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