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Sunday, October 24, 2004


The store opened an hour early today and closed and hour later than usual. I was at the store for 13 hours today. Wow. One girl called out today and one didn't show up until four hours after her schedule time. It was so busy. The store was trashed. Luckily, I asked Marie to come in and she was a lifesaver.

Christine is such a pain sometimes. First thing she goes on about after walking into the office, is her sexual fustration. I laughed as she went on like some nut with a bad monologue on SNL, but then was awed by her 'no holds bars' when telling you everything about anything. I just don't need to know about that. Okay, so her best friend is a guy. Okay, they're attracted to one another. Okay, they're gonna do each other but while fully clothed. Okay, I was just joking about that last comment. It was just queer that's all. She's like that though. Goes on and on about personal stuff. The other day she was talking about why she's weird and how she blames it on not taking her medicine. Nicole is a lot like that too - always blaming everything on not taking her medicine.

I think I need medicine ...from all these people.


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